Scientific seminar: Guidance and Counseling in Argentina. Actions within the framework of the University of Buenos Aires Tuesday, April 27



Prof. Gabriela Aisenson, Prof. Leandro Legaspi, Prof. Viviana Valenzuela (University of Buenos Aires)

Prof. Maria Eduarda Duarte (University of Lisbon, UNESCO Chair – University of Wrocław)


Tuesday, April 27  

8.00 – 10.00 Buenos Aires

13.00 – 15.00 - Wrocław

a)      General Introduction. 15 minutes.

Theoretical framework of Guidance and Counseling currently held in Argentina  Organization of the School System in Argentina: key moments for the development of Guidance. 


Brief review of the Chair “Orientación Vocacional y Ocupacional” (Faculty of Psychology, University of Buenos Aires)- Context of the Chair in the Faculty. The three pillars that support the work in the field of the University (research, teaching, service). Historization of the Service and issues and populations that we investigate.


b)      Development: 45 minutes

Presentation of Programs. Ongoing projects: objectives, activities, etc.

Training. Undergraduate and graduate professionals.

Virtuality. Reformulations and actions during the COVID-19 pandemic


c)       Closing: 15 minutes



d)      Exchange space: 30 minutes - prof. Maria Eduarda Duarte

Based on questions from participants and/or any proposals from the speakers. Online via Zoom

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